JUSTIN MAYO  executive director


Justin Mayo is the Executive Director of Red Eye. Featured in publications ranging from Forbes, InStyle, People, CosmopolitanHuffPost, Modern Luxury and Success Magazines, a frequent guest of both the United Nations, UNICEF, Young G8 Summit and The White House and has met with Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton amongst other world leaders, Justin's heart is for young Culture Creators, Influencers and Leaders to utilize their life platforms to give back to society. Growing up in an influential family, Justin knows well of the pressures that come with living life under the microscope. After completing his Masters Degree, he moved to Sydney, Australia, where he was a Youth Communications Director before he moved back to Bel Air. He has been working tirelessly with a team located around the globe to further develop what today has emerged as a compelling non-profit of Culture Creators, Influencers and Leaders in key culture cities around the globe! Red Eye currently has chapters in Los Angeles, New York City, Las Vegas, London, Paris and Sydney.
Email: Justin@RedEye.org

KALYN HEMPHILL  sponsorship and donor relations  


Kalyn is honored to be an official member of the Red Eye team. She became involved with the organization in New York in 2010 and loves that she has a Red Eye “family” and opportunites to give back no matter what coast she is on.  Kalyn keeps busy with a wide variety of projects in entertainment and fashion and you might recognize her as the winning model from “Project Runway” and “Models of the Runway,” or catch her singing the national anthem at a Dodgers game! Kalyn is a life-lover and is passionate about giving back in any way she can, so she loves Red Eye’s vision and the joy that it gives people. 
Email: Kalyn@RedEye.org


DAVID HUDSON  special events director


David Hudson is powered by two things: people and art. Since age 11 he's traveled to over 30 countries all in an effort to create a positive impact. Being an actor, musician, and writer David has discovered that art is a universal language that can help unite and improve the lives of anyone it encounters. Through Red Eye, David has had the opportunity to host events, work with the homeless and at-risk youth, and create genuine relationships with those from all walks of life. He believes in people and knows that with organizations like Red Eye we can make a positive change.
Email: David@RedEye.org

KWAME MORRIS  creative strategy 


Kwame’s life is filled with a passion for the arts and philanthropy. He seeks to discover fresh and dynamic ways to encourage and create opportunities for people to give back. With a wealth of global travel experiences and leadership enrichment opportunities, which have encouraged him to remain committed to benevolent giving, it’s the act of helping others that drives Kwame’s enthusiasm. Kwame graduated with a B.A. in sociology and new media from the prestigious Morehouse College. He is currently curating innovative business concepts as well as experiencing success in modeling, acting, and music. Kwame believes that Red Eye has ability to transform societal views on charitable organizations from self fulfilling to globally fulfilling and appealing. 
Email: Kwame@RedEye.org


ELIZABETH BROWN  educational programming


Elizabeth arrived in Los Angeles by way of Indiana almost three years ago and has been a part of the Red Eye (Volunteer) team since December 2012. She believes consistency is key to making a true impact on others lives and is a regular on Saturdays at Imperial Courts Projects Youth Mentoring. Recognizing a need for structured and educational fun for the kids, Elizabeth began planning various arts and crafts projects, while also incorporating fun, educational games for all ages on Saturdays. “What do I do for a living or how do I spend my free time?” She works in the film industry for a living and spends a lot of her free time thinking up crazy-fun, educational craft projects, games, day trips and events for the under privileged youth of Imperial Courts Projects. 
Email: Elizabeth@RedEye.org

MONTY COLEMAN  director of business affairs


Monty came to Red Eye from a marketing position with Johnson & Johnson in New York City. He immediately immediately gravitated to the humanitarian aspect of the organization, implementing some of the best practices from the mentorship program he founded as a cadet at the Air Force Academy. From small people to be to big kids, Monty's experiences with the team have made him a Red Eye lifer.
Email: Monty@RedEye.org

ALFREDO FLORES  media director


Alfredo believes strongly that people need to use their life platform and creativity to give back to those in need. At the age of 19, Alfredo moved to Los Angeles to finish his degree at The Art Institute of Los Angeles and began an internship under the video commissioner of UNCLE productions and Geffen Records. Soon after, Alfredo began taking in projects all his own. Besides music videos, Alfredo has started to work on short films. During the summer of 2010, Alfredo embarked on the 'My World Tour' with Justin Bieber. On tour, he began filming and gathering footage which is featured in the 3D movie "Never say Never."
Email: Alfredo@RedEye.org

LINDSAY JERNIGAN  administrative assistant


Lindsay Jernigan is a born and bred Southern girl with a fierce passion for people and an unquenchable wanderlust. After receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Film Production from Pepperdine University, Lindsay was blessed with the opportunity to travel to Honduras and fill the position as Assistant Director for the documentary, “The Dust On Our Feet.” After returning to the USA, she has been blessed enough to transform her passions into practice - creating life-impacting relationships with others in every community with whom she worked, most notably in the entertainment and sports industries with MTV and The Los Angeles Clippers. It is through all of these experiences she has learned the positive impact we as humans can have on one another. Lindsay wholeheartedly believes the work Red Eye does can have a profound and lasting impact on communities across the globe. She is honored, ecstatic, and humbled to be a part of that work.
Email: Lindsay@RedEye.org

JORDAN KUKER  personnel management 


Jordan Kuker is an associate at Casey & Sayre PR Firm, working as the Talent Relations/Social Media Coordinator, as well as Brand Allies Co and other Entertainment Group Companies. He works closely with the social media team to integrate brands such as AT&T into different entertainment and celebrity driven events in addition to handling red carpets, festivals and galas. Jordan has worked with brands on special events including Nylon Magazine, Beachers Madhouse, HWood Group, Guess, AT&T, as well as many charity and non-profits . A social media influencer in his own right, Jordan’s Twitter account, run by himself and his twin brother Chase,  @chasejordan is verified (the blue check). In his free time (which isn't that often) he likes to travel and hang with his friends!  
Email: Jordan@RedEye.org


CHASE KUKER  international humanitarian coordinator


Chase Kuker is a music/film producer and an actor living in Los Angeles. He started in music under Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins in '09 learning the ins and outs of the industry and soon forming a band with his twin brother and friends called ChaseJordan. After a successful run for several years with the band, he decided to transfer into film production and scoring, combining his love for both film and music.  He is currently developing several films and working with some of Los Angeles undiscovered talent in music to make films and songs that inspire one to be better, challenge to think bigger and show how everything big, begins small at first.
Email: Chase@RedEye.org

JON ASHER  creative promotions


Relocating from Phoenix, Arizona to further express his message of music, artist and electronic musician Jon Asher wanted to give back to culture. He wanted to utilize his platform to invest into the lives of others. Jon utilizes his freelance background and creative abilities to find "out of the box" approaches to get Red Eye's positive message out to others. 
Email: Jon@RedEye.org