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#1    Loves people.
#2    Loves out of the box thinking.
#3    Loves crazy hours.
#4    Embraces inconvenience.
#5    Embraces rejection (not fun, but not afraid of it).
#6    Embraces a pro-active mindset in all we do.
#7    Has a gigantic vision.
#8    Believes we are part of something bigger than ourselves or it wouldn't be worth our time!
#9    Loves rock and roll.
#10  Thinks we are having way more fun than that guy at his 9-5, high paying job.


#1    For the faint of heart.
#2    For the "drama queen" or person who can't take a good laugh.
#3    For someone expecting normal hours or a typical routine schedule.
#4    For someone that will accept second best because it is an easier route.
#5    For someone looking for a "connection to be made" for their career.